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Trademark Registration

A trademark can be a phrase, logo, design, and combination of colours or shapes etc. and that denotes the uniqueness of a brand or the product and differentiate from competitors. It is globally acknowledged trademark is the most valuable asset of a business. With a unique Trademark, customers can easily identify your products or services among various competitors’ products.


Trademark can be applied with the assistance of our highly experienced professionals while you sit back and relax.

You not just get a trademark application services but our expert continuously track your trademark applied and update you time to time, can facilitate a detailed feasibility report on your trademark before applying by carrying thorough public trademark search and can also help you design a unique business logo.

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What is Trademark?

A trademark can be a logo, design, shape, and combination of colors, combination of different shapes, goods, etc and its uniqueness.

Trademark Classes

45 classes defined based on business activity and trademark can be registered in multiple classes as per the requirement of the business organization.

Valuable Assets

Like Company’s other tangible assets trademark is very worthful for a company to protect its goods, services from infringement.

Legal Brand Protection

Trademark registration under trademark law, protect the brand from infringement and misuse from the third party.

Low cost of registration

As the comparison to its driven benefits cost of trademark registration is very low.

Geographical Coverage

Trademark registration provides you nation-wide protection from your competitors.

Our Process

From your Procedure

Step 1

Upload the required documents & information to our web portal

Step 2

Choose Package and Pay online with different payments modes available.

Step 3

We will preliminary check the uniqueness of trademark design, logo, shape.

Step 4

Prepare trademark application & obtain applicant signature on relevant documents.

Step 5

Submit trademark registration application before the IPR department.

Step 6

Provide acknowledgment & do continuous status tracking of the trademark


Documents Required

Minimum Required Documents

Identity Proof

Address Proof

Nature of Business

Brand Logo

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