Ideas For Startup
It’s great news that you’re looking to go public. The process to convert from private to public limited company is simple, but will take 30 to 35 days to complete, as there are many steps involved. First you need to alter the articles of association, then delete the word private from your name, commence the registration process and finally wait for the certificate of commencement of business. Do note, however, that some requirements and charges will depend on whether or not you already have three directors, seven members (shareholders) and a paid-up capital of Rs. 5 lakh


Low set-up cost

There is absolutely no other payment. We will send you an invoice that is all-inclusive, with no hidden charges.


The main advantage is that in an LLP, there are fewer formalities after the business has been incorporated.

Tax Advantages

The term 'tax benefit' generally refers to any tax law that provides you with an opportunity to reduce your tax bill when you satisfy certain eligibility requirements.

Limited Liability

Businesses often need to borrow money. In a General Partnership, partners are personally liable for all this debt.


Private limited companies easily accommodate equity funding as there is a clear distinction between shareholders and directors as well as limited liability.

Reduced Compliance

An LLP only requires audited annual returns to be filed if it has a turnover of greater than Rs. 40 lakh or capital contribution of over Rs. 25 lakh.

Our Process

From your Procedure

Step 1

Upload the Required Documents & Information to our web portal

Step 2

Choose Package and Pay online with different payments modes available

Step 3

On placing an order, your application will be assigned to one of our dedicated professionals.

Step 4

Our professional team will prepare computation for Private to Public Limited Company.

Step 5

We will create your documents and application and file them with ROC.

Step 6

Once your company is incorporation, we send you all the documents and DSCs.


Documents Required

Minimum Required Documents

Address Proof

Electricity/ Water bill, Rent agreement, NOC

Identity Proof

Aadhaar Card, PAN Card of Directors

Required Documents

Minimum 2 Partners. At least 1 of the designated partners shall be an Indian Resident.

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